Car Hire Services

We have well maintained Vehicles, qualified drivers, English Speaking Staff ready to offer you our services.

Toro’s Pride Tours and Travel Limited is a private company that offers airport taxi/rental services that gives you a quick and easy way to get to and from Entebbe International Airport (EBB) without any fuss. We help you avoid hassling with public transportation, or the risk of being taken advantage of by street taxis. Our airport transfer services are convenient, reliable and competitive.

Just before booking your airport pick up arrangements, simply note the following, so you can have the perfect vehicle and a competitive price.

  • Confirm the number of people accompanying you
  • The number of bags owned by each team individual, we would on average consider two bags for each traveler
  • Confirm flight arrival time.
  • Keep in touch with those making your pick up arrangements and remember to contact them at least two days before your arrival date.
  • Saloon cars can only be used for 2 passengers or less creating enough room for all their bags.
  • Vans of up to eight seats may only be used to carry about 5-6 passengers with their entire luggage, While 7-14 require a 24-29 seat bus. 15-28 passengers may require a 24-29 seat bus plus an extra luggage van
  • Vehicle overload is a traffic offence in Uganda. Avoid causing trouble to your driver and unnecessary stopovers by traffic officers while driving to your choice of lodging.
  • Be sure your airport pickup price includes rental, driver and fuel…remember; you won’t have Ugandan money to pay for these on arrival
  • Keep both their office and cell phone contacts and travel with them for emergency purpose.
  • On arrival, if you seem to be forgotten and you are planning to hire an airport taxi, be sure they are familiar with your accommodation choice or call your hotel/guest house for directions before you get on to avoid taking advantage of you by overcharging.
  • Avoid making pick up arrangements with several individuals/travel companies as they may all show up just for you or your team and may create confusion and miscommunication

Departing From Entebbe Airport or Entebbe Airport Drop-Off

  • We pick you up from any point in Kampala and at any point in the country.
  • Give us ample time to reach you and drive through Kampala traffic jam.
  • Find out the price before confirmation.
  • Always consider traffic jam and unnecessary unavoidable circumstances that may cause delays on the way to the airport.

Our English speaking drivers are very familiar with most parts of the country and know their way around Uganda. No problem communicating with your driver or getting where you need to go and the general orientation of places. For additional information about the Kampala city and the Uganda, our drivers are available to guide you through.